On October 28, during an acoustic show by Brazilian singer-songwriter Ceu, Texbrasil Design Program was released as a partnership between the Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (Abit) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). The project aims to bring together Premium Brazilian brands to integrate actions and promotions in the global market, strengthening and internationalizing Brazilian fashion.

The differential of the Program is to provide individual strategies for each participating company, considering the characteristics and DNA of each of them. One of the activities already confirmed for 2013 are the international showrooms. Among partner brands, we have Adriana Degreas, Alessa, Barbara Bela, Cantao, Cynthia Hayashi, Colcci, GIG, Lanno, Mabel Magalhaes, Victor Dzenk, Aua, Marcia Ganem, Patricia Bonaldi, Patricia Motta, Printing, T. Arrigoni, Totem and Vivaz.

Texbrasil supported important projects in 2012, such as the participation of ten Brazilian brands in the English multibrand Bluebird. During the international tour dates of the album “Caravana Sereia Bloom”, by singer Ceu, she also wore pieces of the Program’s brands.

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Lubia Duca

The collection “Delirios Tropicais de uma Sereia (Delusions of a Tropical Mermaid)” tells the story of a fisherman who, on a full moon night, captures a mystical creature in his net. The pieces were inspired on the shape of the shells. Among the materials are noble elements, such as embroidery and precious stones, and even fishing nets.

Rafael Siqueira

The designer presented 12 female models in his collection “Pinturas Nordestinas (Northeastern Paintings)”. The pieces are fair and filled with many embossed patterns, inspired on the primitive artists in the Northeast region of Brazil. Among the materials used were crystal organza and lace.


AUA has presented its first fashion show outside of Belo Horizonte.The brand was inspired by the culture of Brazilian Indians to build simple pieces with graphic printing. As for fabrics, natural fibers: linen and cotton.

O.sorio para Princesas 

The designer Anna Paula Osorio had an old dream of creating a line made especially for girls. The collection was developed from the sensations experienced by Anna Luisa, Osorio’s five-year-old daughter. The pieces try to convey that all girls are princesses, with dresses that value the lightness of childhood and help children have comfort while having some fun. The color palette has favored black and pink and, to complete the look: accessories, plenty of them!

Eliana Murargy

With the collection “Gold Dust”, a modern and sophisticated woman, who values comfort and practicality is presented. The pieces blended different materials, from light and loose fabric to the use of applications in metal. The preference is for shades of sand and ochre.


Fernanda Ferrugem

In the collection “Novos Praianos (New Beach)”, the pieces appeared more commercial, but without forgetting the artistic concept which is so typical of the designer. The straighter and dry modeling appeared as a reference to major urban centers. The beach and the summer are the central theme of the collection. Thus, the color palette is vibrant.

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A group of 16 Brazilian brands landed in Paris to promote national fashion during the Who’s Next/Pret-à-Porter and Premiere Classe trade shows, from June 30th to July 3rd, at Porte de Versailles. Brazilian brands like Alessa, Aua, Natural Color Cotton, Tudo de Bom Brasil and T. Arrigoni featured Brazilian colors and style. Learn about some of the presented trends:

Outrageous: People’s fascination about danger or taboos inspired collections. The models value sensuality, largely utilizing leather and vinyl elements.

See-through: In spite of the cold weather, pieces featured see-through. The differential comes from elaborated elements valuing embroidery with stones and metallic threads.

Voyage: Collections provided a trip to the past, valuing artistic styles such as baroque and art-deco, mainly in its cuts and silhouettes. The most used fabrics were velvet, see-through and laces.

Color Denim: Next season will feature sweet colors and strong and marking tones, such as red, purple and violet. With the pieces made in jeans, it will be no different.

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