Day two at Fashion Rio included fashion shows by four labels: Oh Boy, Espaco Fashion, Maria Filo and Coca-Cola Jeans

Check out the shows:

Oh Boy

Oh, Boy! looked to Guatemala and the Barriletas festival – an exhibit of giant kites that takes place in the city of Santiago Sacatepequez – for inspiration for its next collection. For S/S 2015, the brand went with a loose silhouette, filled with ruffles and volume in skirts and dresses. The looks contain folk references with lots of fringe and vibrant prints.

Espaco Fashion

The Espaco Fashion presentation was overtaken by references to popular Brazilian festivities, such as the Festas Juninas, Carnaval, Folia de Reis and Carimbo. Three main pieces are the cornerstones of the collection: trumpet skirts, wide pants and boxy jackets. Skirts come in midi length. Jeans, the company’s trademark item, come embroidered and layered with more jeans material. Blue, ochre, orange and pink predominate.

Maria Filo

Inspired by the Central Markets, Maria Filo showed a collection filled with colors and textures. The brand’s traditional knits are made of silk. Skirts and dresses come in midi lengths. Looks have a fluid cut and soft fabrics, while tailored pieces are structured yet have an asymmetrical cut. The color portfolio contains red, brown, orange and light blue.

Coca-Cola Jeans

The brand showed its next summer with a runway filled with Brazilian celebrities, such as actress Bruna Marquezine, model Isabelli Fontana and singer Di Ferrero. The collection, entitled “Move,” is replete with comfy looks that can also be used when playing sports. Among items are coats, vests, Bermuda shorts, trousers, tops, mini-dresses, crop-tops and shorts, all with lots of pockets, zippers and hoods. Fabrics used are nylon, neoprene and jeans. The color portfolio is quite vibrant, with orange, yellow, green, red, and black.

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The 25th edition of Fashion Rio is scheduled to take place from April 8 to 11, at Marina da Gloria, in Rio de Janeiro. The theme for this season is “Rio, tropical resort, world heritage, cultural landscape,” with 17 labels holding shows.

Fashion Rio S/S2015

See the lineup of shows:

Tuesday, April 8

6:30 pm Patricia Vieira

8:00 pm Alessa

9:00 pm Ausländer

10:00 pm Osklen Praia

Wednesday, April 9

6:00 pm Oh! Boy

7:00 pm Espaço Fashion

8:00 pm Maria Filo

9:00 pm Coca Cola Jeans

Wednesday, April 10

5:00 pm R.Groove

6:00 pm Salinas

7:00 pm Cantao

8:00 pm Victor Dzenk

9:00 pm TNG

Friday, April 11

3:00 pm 2nd Floor

6:00 pm Triya

7:00 pm Filhas de Gaia

8:30 pm Lenny Niemeyer

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The upcoming season of Fashion Rio will be notable for its changes. It is scheduled to take place from April 8 to 11, with one less day of fashion shows. The Salão Bossa Nova, a showroom resulting from the merger of Fashion Business and Rio à Porter, has been removed from the Rio de Janeiro fashion calendar because of infrastructure problems. Rio de Janeiro is filled with construction and remodeling work because of the 2014 World Cup, limiting the choice of a location for the event. However, everything should be back to normal for the next semester.

Fashio Rio A/W 2015

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Pier Maua in downtown Rio de Janeiro is hosting the F/W 2014 edition of Fashion Rio from November 6 to 9. The second day of the event included fashion shows by four labels: Sacada, Oh, Boy!, Iodice and Coca Cola Jeans.

Check out the shows:


Designer Beti Speiski travelled to India to create Sacada’s F/W 2014 collection. It features a sophisticated new take on sportswear. References to the country can mostly be found in prints and embroidery, with Indian motifs. The highlight is patchwork done by hand. Sheath dresses and pencil skirts are fitted, while jumpsuits and coats are quite baggy. Transparent fabrics, such as organza, were paired with heavy materials, like jacquard. There is a preponderance of reddish tones.

Oh, Boy!

Designer Simone Nunes brought her creations for next winter, inspired by the post-punk movement of the 1990s and by the lifestyle of Russian ballerinas, to the runway. The cotton jersey trousers used so much for dance practice were a highlight. Looks with jeans featured bugle bead embroidery. Among items are jackets, ribbed dresses, tops and skirts inspired by tutus. The color portfolio includes pink, blue, yellow, burgundy and nude tones. Materials used are: jeans, cotton jersey, knit and organza.


The label’s theme for F/W 2014 is based on modern huntresses. Items make reference to garments used on safaris, with a form-fitting silhouette, a comfortable cut and materials such as serge, chamois and neoprene. Short skirts are matched with baggy tops. Many of the garments are done using matelassé. Short dresses have long sleeves. Prints include animal print, drawings of roosters and abstract illustrations. Ochre and orange tones stand out.

Coca Cola Jeans

Filling the runway with Brazilian actors (Bruna Marquezine, Marlon Teixeira, Isabelle Drummond and Kayky Brito), the brand ended the second day of Fashion Rio. The collection is inspired by the world of soccer and especially by World Cup 2014. The show opened with an outfit comprised of a monochromatic white blouse, shorts and jacket. Garments have a baggy cut and shoulders are quite wide. Prints include lettering. The color portfolio goes for green, yellow, blue, black, white and red.

Photos from Fotosite


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