All about Decoupage

Decoupage is derived from the French word whose meaning is to cut. This means decoupage is a craft which involves cutting and pasting. This is one of oldest method of crafting which is being followed over years. A great advantage with this craft is they can be done in all types of materials like ceramic, wood, plastic, metal and other wide range of materials. This kind of crafts is used for making the decors like lamps, frames and they are even used in wooden furniture. When the decors in the market are hired one can come across various products which are made out of decoupage.


In some cases decoupage is a kind of hobby which is done during the leisure and some do it seriously by marketing their crafts in the market. In current trend there are many small scale industries where many art products were made with decoupage as the base. Since this is one of the easiest crafts which can be learnt within short span of time, many people have forward to learn this craft at it best. Since this crafting tactics are easy to learn even the beginners can come up with best innovative ideas.

It is to be noted that to come up with best decoupage crafts, one must shop the basic supplies needed for their making. Some of the important and basic supplies include knife, scissors, varnish, glue, sand paper and many. As these supplies are commonly available in the market, one need not spend more time in shopping them. People who are interested in knowing the basics of decoupage can visit