An overlook of the Japanese comic world

Japanese have a long history of art and culture. They have their own list of art and media including pottery, ink printing, calligraphy, kirigami, origami, etc. Usually the Japanese comics are termed by a specific word called manga. Some scrolls are found in Japan which dates back to even 12th century and there is an argument that those scrolls (which is in the form of right to left reading )is initial form of manga comics. Even it is a speculated topic we can confirm that the history of cartoons in Japan date back to 12th or 13th century at least.

The word manga literally means both the comics and cartoons that have sarcastic messages. But the world outside Japan recognizes this word as Japanese comics.


Specialties of the Japanese Comics

First of all, the Japanese comics are highly inspired by their true tradition. Unlike many other countries, Japan didn’t steal the stories and inspirations from the west. These Japanese comics however sometimes get inspirations from Chinese traditions it originally fits into the Japanese list of arts. These comics have now become a general phenomenon for the whole of Asia.

Japanese comics are developed for people belonging to all age groups whereas the western world comics only concentrate on kids. Each and every series is unique in its color and sketches.

The characters portrayed in the Japanese comics are mostly reminding us the real world people as the characters are not completely depicted as evil. Even the enemy has his own dreams and pain.