Android Apps on your Computer

People who do not have a Smartphone tend to use the android apps in their pc. But when start their execution they find it difficult to download those apps to their pc. After a rigorous and frustrating search mostly 90 percent of the people end in downloading bluestacks.

This bluestacks is a kind of android emulator for the pcs which is developed by a company known as Silicon Valley. The work of bluestacks is to help the users use android apps on their pcs by the process of generating a virtual mobile platform on the pc.


Is Bluestacks Fine

But many are not are of the fact that bluestacks may slow down the performance of their pc. Unfortunately bluestacks works by using a lot of RAM from your computer and this in turn reduces the efficiency of your system. Also bluestacks will require a higher end graphics card for their smooth performance. So it is a dream for many of us to use bluestacks in our pcs that is having only a basic configuration

Most of the people install bluestacks into their computer only for the purpose to download whatsapp for pc. This whatsapp is an instant messenger used to send and receive text, audio, video messages and photos that can work in different kind of operating systems such as blackberry android and even ios, etc.

In such situations people who are to download whatsapp for their computer may make use of some external client software that helps them to use whatsapp on their pcs without any reduction in the speed of the operation of the system.