Day-outs on Sundays in Singapore

Often you will be bored by the Sunday afternoons after having your lunch. I think it is the correct time for a shopping. You may think me as mad people who suggest going on a shopping on afternoon. But on Sunday evenings you will find every mall crowded. With the lights and that crowd you could buy anything properly. Because the evening crowd that you find is really visit the malls for the purpose of just filling up their time. Shopping malls in Singapore will be having an ocean of people at the evening peak times. It is not easy for you to purchase a specific electronic device such as a headset which needs a testing before buying in this ocean.


Benefits of visiting afternoon

  • You can have your lunch there and it saves some in terms of travel to a Sunday lunch.
  • You will find a less traffic both inside and outside the mall. The low traffic avails you the facility of shopping with a peaceful mind.
  • Many shopping malls provide special offers for those who visit the mall other than the peak hours as it may increase their traffic. You may find many existing offers posted at these afternoon sessions.
  • You will not miss the shops which close earlier or at the afternoon. By noting those shops you may visit them first before they close and then continue the shopping with other retailers.
  • During the peak hours there is a chance of increasing the price of certain commodities.