Free From Pollution

As an individual you may want to reduce virus, and pollen in your personal environment is to clean the dust particles from your house. The air pollution al so create viruses and pollen.  The indoor quality also going low now days. Because of bad indoor quality the children’s are affected by virus and pollens.  Source control, Filtration and ventilation are the sources to improve the indoor quality. For improving indoor air quality the furniture’s, carpets and other household materials should be cleaning properly. The pets should be kept outside from home or else atleast pets should be kept outside from bedroom.

Burning of wood, plastics for cooking and heating cause’s pollution and also it affects the children and their health. A household plant also reduces the pollution from outside and gives the good moisture to the people.

Free From Pollution


  1. Second hand smoke
  2. Radon
  3. Molds and other allergens
  4. Carbon monoxide
  5. Volatile organic compounds
  6. Other bacteria
  7. Carbon dioxide
  8. Ozone

Controlling of ventilation leads to inadequate air quality and less consumption of energy. This kind of pollutants may leads to many side effects. Air is the most essential thing for all human beings. Without air we can’t live in this world. The problem is that much dangerous pollution also mixes with air, so be aware of make your surroundings clean. If you keep surroundings clean then only you can avoid virus and pollens. The indoor quality also important for human health and for children.