Looking for a hacking game, try Agario hack.

There are lots of online games available online; one of my friends told me to tray a game called Agario Hack 2016, which is related to hacking. I thought it was some kind of scam games, which always makes us to register with all details and download software or extensions to showcase lot of ads in my browser.

I planned to try for a once, really the user interface looks damn decent. The look and feel is really awesome and more over it gave a professional look. The registration was also so simple, I gave my device name and also email id, I really impressed with this registration process, because after entering those details I was started playing the game.

The game is fully about logical thinking and cracking the securities, the basic motive is about to educate the people. The game plan also where very easy, even a person who has basic knowledge to install software can play the game.    There is a board where it gives us the formation of games which makes us feel comfortable in saving the time, it is purely based on the server.


No one can get the details of the player as the server is well protected and also the there is no medium to track the server where the player is exactly located and also they have a video links helps us to get more clarity on the game.  There can be multiple people play the same game at a time simultaneously and it is all about crossing the levels.

Weekly updates are done to give a better user interface, as this game is purely depend on server, there will be great privacy preservation policy provided to the players. I crossed different levels and lot of time lost the game. Even I tried lot of chit coeds to crack the life and move to next level, seriously they have done a great job, and I can’t even get single shit code for this game, which is more impressive. Overall, had a great experience  all together and suggest people to try it out.